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Luigi Iaccarino, who inherited from his father Vincenzo respect and love for art, in 2003, makes a bet with himself: to open an art gallery and auction house in Vomero, a city within a city, which historically from 800 onwards has been a center of attraction for many artists. A few years can tell you the bet paid off: the auction house, with increasing success, and has now established itself nationally and internationally and is a cultural center that focuses on the traditional school of painting in general and on the enhancement of figurative culture of the nineteenth century Neapolitan. The Gallery has been active in organizing exhibitions and events, and also tends to the discovery of niche artists and the revival of talent too early and unjustly removed from the collective memory. And 'in fact born a coterie of fans and art collectors who meet to discuss and stimulate a critical spirit that helps to enrich the mind and soul and that has revitalized a dormant market Neapolitan painting.
Luigi Iaccarino

Via Tito Angelini, 29 - 80129 NAPOLI (NA)
P. IVA: 04429481213
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