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Terms and conditions

Pre-auction regulation

The pre-auction consists in the possibility of making offers and raises on the lots of interest when the current auction catalog is published.
Upon registration, by entering with username and password, it is possible to issue one or more individual bids on the lots or even one or more maximum bids.
The maximum bid is an automatic bidding system to more easily manage purchases in online auctions. To do this, the user must enter the maximum price he is willing to spend; this amount is not disclosed to the other bidders.
By entering a maximum bid, the system generates automatic bids every time a bid is made by another user, until the maximum amount indicated by the user is reached.

In the case of bids having the same amount, the system will validate the previously executed bid then the maximum bid made by A. To User B it will be communicated that its offer was discarded because previously a maximum bid of equal amount had been executed value from another user.

On-line auction regulation

To participate in an online auction it is necessary to register and log in using the username and password obtained during registration. Just click on LIVE AUCTION to be connected to the virtual room. A timer of 30 seconds will appear, within which it will be possible to bid, at every re-launch made by one or more users the timer will restart the countdown to provide the possibility for everyone to be able to re-launch. At the end of the time the best bid received will be the winner and the next lot will be taken.