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How to sell

Evaluations and estimates

The Vincent Auction House provides assessments and estimates to those interested in auctioning assets they own.

The estimate can be made on the basis of sending, by mail (informazioni@vincentgalleria.it), images accompanied by the indication of the size of the property, signature and dating. If the works are of interest, an appointment will be made at our office, during which the mandate to sell will be drawn up. Before the auction a reserve price will be agreed, which is the minimum amount under which the lot can not be sold. This figure is strictly confidential, may be lower, equal or higher than the estimate shown in the catalog and will be protected by the auctioneer. If the reserve price is not reached, the lot will be unsold. On the hammer price the auction house will retain a commission equal to the percentage of the auction rights agreed including VAT. In the case of a considerable quantity of goods or goods that are difficult to transport, it will be possible to request an inspection by our experts. Experts will suggest the most appropriate auction, period and location for the sale of the asset in order to obtain the best result. After the auction each customer will receive a report listing all the lots owned by him and the related awards. For unsold lots, a reduction in the reserve price can be agreed by granting the time necessary to carry out further sales attempts to be carried out also by means of private negotiation, otherwise they must be collected at the customer's expense and expense.


If you decide to entrust the assets for auction, the Vincent Auction House is available to provide estimates with trusted specialist transporters who will take care of the packaging and the accuracy of the service. Our offices are at your disposal to provide every detail about the conditions of sale, the costs applied, the management methods, the settlement times.


After 30 working days from the auction date, the Vincent Auction House will liquidate the amount due for sale by means of a bank check to be collected from our offices or by bank transfer to the owner of the lots, provided that the buyer has honored the obligation assumed at the time of the award, and that there have been no complaints or disputes concerning the assets awarded. At the time of payment an invoice will be issued in which the prizes, commissions and other possible expenses will be indicated in detail. In any case, the balance to the principal will be made by the Auction House only after receiving the full payment from the buyer.